Wednesday, March 14, 2012


The troubled Fairfax group scraped the bottom of the barrel when it turned to Ruth Pollard to be its Middle East (read "Palestine") Bureau person. There was a time when journalists would sift through the various narratives in a story and elimninate that which is preposterous but this no longer seems the case when it comes to reporting or reasoned discussion on the Middle East.

Take Pollard's offering today (Israelis wary of Gaza ceasefire)on the fragile ceasefire in the region brokered after Palestinian terrorists ("militants" in Agespeak) rained more than 200 missiles on Israeli civilian targets while the IDF, as confirmed by an Age article earlier in the week targeted only the "militants" - AGE ADMITS ISRAELI AIRSTRIKES TARGET TERROR. At that stage the total Palestinian dead in Israeli strikes was 15 of which Palestinan sources conceded that 100% of those were "militants". Further reports of casualties have confirmed more "militant casualties" including Islamic Jihad operatives and Pollard states that "at least 25 Palestinians were killed in the Israeli air strike".

Now here comes Pollard.

"Most of those killed in Gaza were militants, but several civilians, including three children, also died, Palestinian sources say."

If most of those killed were in fact "militants", the rest of them must have been in the minority and based on the fact that all of those killed on earlier statistics were "militants" then to accept the use of the word "several" from Palestinain sources is ridiculous in the extreme.

So how reliable are Pollard's "Palestinian sources"?

Perhaps they's as reliable as this the fraudulent tweet by UN employee Khulood Badawi

The big lie Palestinian style

Read about it here because you won't learn about this aspect of Palestinian propaganda from the Age - EXPOSED: UN Media Official Responsible for False Photo Tweet

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