Sunday, March 11, 2012


The on line edition of the Melbourne Age has this item on the latest wave of violence in Israel and Gaza - Israeli airstrikes kill 15 Gaza militants

Those "militants" sound like terrorists to me but the Associated Press doesn't want trouble so it spins those who fire missiles into peoples homes as "militants'. Whater spin you chose to put on the situation, doesn't detract from the fact that Israel is targeting members of a group dedicated to violently attacking its citizens.

The number of missile attacks by these Palestinan groups has already exceeded 120 and not a single one of them is directed at Israeli combatants. Each and every one of them has as its intended victims Israeli civilians. That makes these militant groups terrorists and war criminals.

Yet those who aid and abet these monsters by attempting to put an end to the Israeli blockade aimed at stopping them from obtaining their lethal materials thing they are doing something good for the Palestinian people. They are no better than the barbarians they provide cover for.

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