Thursday, March 08, 2012


A response in the Australian to regular Israel basher Bill Matthew -

Iran's nuclear threat

IRAN is feverishly developing nuclear capabilities and has threatened to hold the world's oil supply hostage if it tries to prevent it. Yet Bill Mathew reserves his criticism solely for Israel for vowing to stop it (Letters, 6/3).

Mathew blames the victim, Israel, for the wars waged against it and for OPEC's embargo of the 1970s.

His bias against Israel renders his call for a nuclear-free Middle East disingenuous. If Israel has a nuclear arsenal, it has not threatened to use it against anyone. It is interesting to note that, according to WikiLeaks, the Arab states are concerned about an Iranian nuke in a way they never were about Israel's capabilities. Iran's neighbours have recognised the grave danger should Iran succeed in developing nuclear weapons. Why hasn't Mr Mathew?

Athol Morris, O'Connor, ACT

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