Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Congratulations to those who objected to the use by anti-Israel agitators of Stonnington Council facilities for their blatant propaganda fest.

Strange that the organisers of the protest are relying on "freedom of speech" when many Palestinians stcuk in Gaza don't have that right.

The Painting Blue Skies Over Gaza exhibition opened at the council-run Prahran venue in May.

Australians for Palestine organised the art show, which had Gaza-related paintings by Parkville artist Dora McPhee and works by Palestinian children.

A number of flyers, some describing Israel as an apartheid state with accusations of ethnic cleansing and racist policies, were left about the venue during the show.

A resident who complained to Stonnington Council, Leah, said “many, many individuals” had been concerned by the flyers.

The exhibition was “just a disguise for distributing propaganda,” she said. “It is a publicly-funded place and here we are funding propaganda for Hamas. We were just dumbfounded.”

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