Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Loyal to Islamic Terror despite killings

It must really ache Al Age that the leaders of both of Australia's major parties support Israel. So much so that the bashing continues unabated with this twisted headline to a story by Jacob Saulwick in today's edition - Loyal to Israel despite killings.

The Age might not have noticed but the two leaders have also remained loyal to the United States and Britain and to themselves despite the killings going on in Afghanistan.

What readers of the Age might not have noticed is that Islamic Terror is responsible on a daily basis for killings everywhere and that Israel is on the front line of the war against Islamic terror groups. Al Age is doing a good job in downplaying the role of these jihadi groups such as Hizb Ut-Tahrir and its controversial leaders who recently shocked the rest of Australia with their forthright comments about the nature of their cause.

Al Age has gone all the way in its pathetic whitewash job on the role of the IHH in the deaths of the nine who were killed when members of this terrorist group attacked Israeli commandos boarding the Mavi Marmara which sought to break Israel's blockade of Gaza, ruled by the fascists in Hamas.

To come out with commentary stating that "[B]oth Prime Minister Julia Gillard and her predecessor Kevin Rudd have been rusted-on supporters of Israel," is indicative of the sheer arrrogance and blind hatred this newspaper has of Israel.

Yet, in spite of the thousands of deaths inflicted by Islamic terror in dozens of locations across the face of the earth, Al Age has devoted reams of its space to condemn Israel for the deaths of nine suicide terrorists and to poo hoo documented evidence including statements from the parents of one of the dead that the IHH were on a suicide mission when they joined the so-called "Free Gaza" flotilla in late May.

Is there any other way to describe this but "loyalty"?


gulliver_on_tour said...

Just on the Mavi Marmara, it turns out that, upon investigation, this ship was carrying no humanitarian aid at all. It's not even built for that sort of thing.

Could Al Age's enlighten us all by carrying out some real investigative journalism provide us with the truth about why such a ship was in such a flotilla in the first place?

Anonymous said...


The Age refrained from reporting that most of what the Turks sent of the suicide flotilla was shit that even Hamas didn't want.

We all know why.

Anonymous said...

Palestinian actvist Maher Mughrabi is The Age foreign news editor.

Mughrabi opened the Arab Film festival In Sydney.

Palestinian Lobby group members Shaik, Karkar and Mashni have unlimited access to letters to the Editor..
With a editor like Ramdage with an obsession with Jews , Age Jerusalem corespondent with a left wing activist girl friend, Age cartoonist who attends Palestinian book signings ,Al' Age may as well be a division of Al' Jazeera.

Terra Terrori Islamus said...

The Age, ABC etc will NEVER reveal the plotting of the flotilla by jihadists at the Gaza Victory Conference 2009:
The Jihad "Istanbul declaration" and the Gaza Flotilla

Jonathan Fighel – ICT Senior Researcher

1. The violent nature of the flotilla and the events on board the Turkish ship Mavi Marmara should not have come as a surprise if anyone would have "connected the dots" before the takeover of the ship by the Israeli navy seals.

2. The Gaza flotilla initiative was a step in the implementation of the Jihadi "Istanbul declaration", which was issued at a conference held in Istanbul on 14-15 February 2009 under the title, "Gaza victory". Around 200 Arab and European Sunni sheikhs and clerics, as well as members of Hamas attended the conference – 90 of them signed the declaration (see appendix). According to a BBC reporter who attended the event, "speaker after speaker called for jihad against Israel in support of Hamas".[1] The Istanbul declaration set the ideological Jihadi confrontational violent formula for future materialization of its decisions, as demonstrated in the events of the flotilla to Gaza. The Gaza Flotilla initiative must be linked and understood within the radical pan-Islamic context and the mindset as reflected by its initiators in light of the Istanbul declaration and the 90 radical Muslim scholars and clerics from around the world who publicly sanctioned the legitimacy and support of Hamas and its military actions.

3. The Jihadi Istanbul Declaration affirmed "The obligation of the Islamic Nation to find a fair formula of reconciliation between the sons of the Palestinian people, under whose responsibility a legitimate authority will be formed that will attend to the fixed norms and the legitimate and national rights; and will carry on with the jihad and Resistance against the occupier until the liberation of all Palestine.” It also affirmed "The obligation of the Islamic Nation to open the crossings -- all crossings -- in and out of Palestine permanently, in order to allow access to all the needs of the Palestinians -- money, clothing, food, medicine, weapons and other essentials, so that they are able to live and perform the jihad in the way of Allah Almighty.” Additional affirmation has noted that: "We affirm that the victory that Allah accomplished by means of our brothers the Mujahidin, our defiant and steadfast kinsfolk in Gaza, was indeed achieved through His favor and help - exalted be He! It was also achieved through fulfilling the religious obligation of jihad in His way."

4. According to the Istanbul declaration, there is an obligation for "the Islamic Nation to regard the sending of foreign warships into Muslim waters, claiming to control the borders and prevent the smuggling of arms to Gaza, as a declaration of war, a new occupation, sinful aggression, and a clear violation of the sovereignty of the Nation". It continues: "This must be rejected and fought by all means and ways."[2]