Tuesday, July 13, 2010


There is a lot that one could say about Antony Loewenstein but he really says it all by himself.

He recently published the above illustration on his blog and then issued a pithy apology for any offence he might have caused. As JF Beck points out in Irony undetected he's not smart enough to see the irony in his own trivialisation of anti-semitism.

So here's how an idiot issues an apology for causing offence over an issue as serious and as devastating to the Jewish people as Hitler's holocaust:

However, it expressed the sort of extreme views that are widely shared and growing worldwide but on reflection I realise that they should be not be given further oxygen and publicity.


Anonymous said...

Loewenstein = KAPO

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I should be angry with or sorry for this monster's parents but what on earth did they teach him about his own people when he was young?

Anonymous said...

Its hard to believe but his parents Jeff and Violet are now his biggest supporters.
How proud they must be of their son infamous for vilifying his own people.

If he were a Muslim who and did what he was doing he would be dead by now.


Dan Lewis said...

Without getting into the argument over whether the Kapos were trying to save themselves, at least the Kapos were actually Jewish.

Apart from a birthright there is not a single Jewish thing about Loewenstein. Never was.

Once upon a time a kid who went to a private Anglican college got up and realised he might be able to get some publicity with his whole Jewish angle, however that's it. He may have once eaten half a bagel.

I could convert to Islam in a matter of seconds (by reciting the Shahada) and then run around starting articles "As a Muslim..."

I would have about as much credibility as Antony's claim to being Jewish.

He's a total fraud. Sadly, he fits right into 'our ABC' and Fairfax who can't get enough.