Sunday, July 11, 2010


Octavia Nasr, Terrorist Sympathiserhas been boned by CNN even after issuing this pithy explanation/apology:

Reaction to my tweet was immediate, overwhelming and a provides a good lesson on why 140 characters should not be used to comment on controversial or sensitive issues, especially those dealing with the Middle East.

It was an error of judgment for me to write such a simplistic comment and I'm sorry because it conveyed that I supported Fadlallah's life's work. That's not the case at all . . . .

Revered across borders yet designated a terrorist. Not the kind of life to be commenting about in a brief tweet. It's something I deeply regret.

Of course, she regrets it. Parisa Khosravi, the senior vice president for CNN International Newsgathering, said in an internal memorandum that "we have decided that she will be leaving the company." and wrote in the memorandum, "At this point, we believe that her credibility in her position as senior editor for Middle Eastern affairs has been compromised going forward."

What a pity others in the media haven't latched on that their journalists have long ago compromised their credibility with their own brand of fawning over and protecting terrorist groups from proper scrutiny.

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