Saturday, June 26, 2010


Here's something you won't read in your local broadsheet. It's from Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook of Palestine Media Watch and it's about the so-called "good guys" in Palestine - the Palestine Authority. That's "good guys" as distinct from the "bad guys" over at Hamas although there are many in the media who don't see them that way even when they attack civilian targets from school yards, threaten genocide against Jews, oppress gays and Christian minorities, destroy school camps and that sort of stuff.

So here's what the "good guys" in the PA are all about:

PA TV host to children:
Jews are "our enemies," Israeli soldiers are "wild animals"

The host of a program about prisoners on official Palestinian Authority television described Jews as "our enemies" and Israeli soldiers as "wild animals" when she interviewed young children.

Her comments were made during two recent episodes of the PA TV program For You, which features interviews with the families of Palestinians imprisoned by Israel. In an interview with the young sister of a prisoner serving a 13-month sentence, the PA TV host asked the girl if the Israeli soldiers bother the family when they visit her brother in prison. When the girl agreed, the host added: "They're wild animals, right? Aren't they wild animals?"

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