Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Can anyone confirm if the one with the moustache is Helen Thomas or Yasser Arafat? (Hat tip: shy guy)


Gulliver_on_tour said...

The separated at birth is not that unusual. Thomas isn't your usual Jew hating wasp or dodgy journalist who left his wife for a Semitic girlfriend of the Palestinian or Israeli variety for that matter. She's of Lebanese descent and could easily be a cousin of Arafat who wasn't born in Israel/Palestine either -

One of these days some journo is going to discover that many who now consider themselves Palestinian can trace their descent to Lebanon and Syria but who moved to the area in the early days of Jewish migration. Should they be told to go back to Lebanon or Syria? Nobody should or would even think of such a thing but there are those in the media who promote the racist Hamas/Moslem Brotherhood line and even go on sea cruises with them.

Anonymous said...

what about scribblers who practice journalism and shtooping Palestinian chix? ...., makes them unbiased right

Anonymous said...

Dear Helen Thomas,

I watched on video, with great interest, your suggestion that Jews get the hell out of Palestine and go back to Poland.

I'm actually going to be taking you up on your suggestion next week. I'm not really going "back" to Poland because I've never been there before. But all of my grandparents were born there.

They were lucky enough to get out of Poland and into Canada, but everyone who stayed in Poland ended up in ovens, or burned alive in a barn in southeastern Poland-I assume you have heard of Jedwabne.

I wrote about it a little while ago. In Jedwabne, the Jews were rounded up-men, women and children and put into a barn.

The barn was set on fire and the Jews were burned alive.

The Poles didn't like the sound of the screams, so they played music outside the barn to drown out the sounds.

For many years, the Poles blamed the Nazis for this atrocity. However, in recent years, the Poles have come clean. They burned their neighbours alive because they were Jews.

My grandmother, she used to get letters from her father, the Rabbi, once she had arrived in Canada. They were from a little town near the eastern border with Russia. I have copies of those letters written in Yiddish-they are yellowed, but they have a Bialystock postmark.

I can see my great-grandfather's handwriting, but I can't understand all the words.

I have a picture of my grandmother and one of her sisters standing in front of their house, which doubled as a storefront and a little shtiebel.

Guess what, Helen? The letters just stopped coming all of the sudden.

Then, one day, she got the call in Canada that everyone was gone. The village had been emptied of its Jews and they were all sent to Auschwitz.

My mother, although just a very young child remembers the day her mother couldn't stop screaming and crying. My grandmother's parents, her siblings, cousins, uncles, aunts-they were gone, murdered.

They were Polish, but there is nothing left of them so they can't really go "back" to Poland either.

So my dear Helen, I am going "back" for them. And Helen, I am also raising Jewish children for them.

Every time I say a blessing, make a Sabbath meal, or celebrate a Jewish holiday I'm doing it for them.

Ironically, Helen, I'm doing it for you, too.

While you spend your last few weeks or months on earth, trapped in your Jew-hating body with your Jew-hating soul, taken down by a Rabbi with a flip camera, I will continue to raise my Jewish children, and they will G-d willing raise their own Jewish children.

Though the fires of Judenhaas still burn within you, and within the Islamic death cult we Jews will continue to live-in Israel and elsewhere.

We will celebrate life, we will honour our dead and despite your wishes yto ythe contrary, we will not go back into the ovens.

So you, and your many colleagues in the media who have always been in agreement, but just more cautious about agreeing with you, and just much smarter about not getting caught on video, can collectively kiss my Jewish, Zionist behind.

So Helen, I thought you might want to know that this Jew is going "back" to Poland, not because of you, but despite you.