Tuesday, June 08, 2010


This from a friend:

We have been witnessing an interesting phenomenon with the flotilla and its mixed cargo of peace activists and terrorists supported by enablers in the media who purport to be reporting on an event but are really an integral part of it. An example is the reporting in the Age of Paul McGeough who was in the flotilla but not on the Mavi Marmara on which the flotilla deaths occurred. By quoting the versions of partisan members of the flotilla and ignoring not only the other side's story but vision which contradicts what he reports then he becomes a part of the story. He whitewashes their violence and allows them to justify their behaviour so that they can continue to be regarded as peaceful activists artfully omitting vital parts of the story. We are told that one of the "peaceniks" claimed his group threw Israeli weapons overboard but leaves out that they also threw an Israeli soldier overboard. Reuters performed a similar whitewash when it originally published a photograph of an Israeli soldier injured by the mob cropping out a combat knife used by them. And some blood.

The blood is on the hands of them. Not just the IHH thugs who took the situation into their own hands and hijacked the mission but all who sailed in the flotilla and their cheerleaders in the media who falsified its narrative by their deception either directly by reporting what was clearly false information or by omitting vital facts that would have shed a different light on the story.

It is clear that many of those who boarded the flotilla took part because they genuinely believed in their cause and did so with the intention of taking part in a peaceful demonstration of their support for the people of Gaza (in my view they were misguided because their actions should have been directed at Hamas whose racist policy aimed at destroying Israel and committing genocide against the Jews is at the heart of the problem). However, a week after the deaths on the Mavi Marmara the silence of those who took part in the flotilla about the violence clearly instigated by the acts of the IHH and other Islamist terror groups when the Israeli army boarded the boats has been deafining. This can only mean that what was done by the mob that attacked the boarding party was done in their name.

The violence of the attackers became their own acts. Their own violence. The racism of those who told the Israelis to go back to Auschwitz became their racism and their hatred.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps people like Paul McGeough should be interviewing the Gaza Flotilla's leader and organizer, Bulent Yildirim, to extract the truth. He has made it perfectly clear in a video made at a Hamas rally that the operation was no humanitarian effort, but
intended all along as part of a global jihad to overthrow governments and install dictatorships. Yildirim represents the organization of a militarized group that started the violence (with total indifference to the loss of life that ensued) in order to achieve the intended result. 

"My brothers," he begins, "I have brought you the blessings of Saladin and Sultan Abd Al-Hamid, there are 70 million Sultan Abd Al-Hamids in Turkey and they all support you. We congratulate you on your victory." Etc. Etc. He continues: "Allah, Akbar. Allah be praised. Allah Akbar...etc.

They have bombs, nuclear weapons, chemical weapons, but we have our hearts, we have our courage, and we are not afraid of anyone but Allah." He also offered a direct pledge to Turkey's prime minister, Erdogan.

He concludes with: "let me tell you, oh my Palestinian brothers, who are guarded by Allah and the angels - I wish we could take you away from here to Istanbul, and bring Istanbul here to be hit by the bombs instead of you."

A very twisted individual indeed and all that's left to ask is why some otherwise respectable media groups have allowed themselves to fall into the grip of such madmen?

Anonymous said...

The bias in the media has been appalling. If you get, or can access, The Courier Mail, there is a big Australians for Palestine ad, which is full in fiction.

Anonymous said...

The Palestinians are resorting to paid advertisements to overcome the skepticism most Australians have for their cause now that it turns out the deaths were caused by terrorists on the suicide boat provoking the Israelis.

They got what they wanted, didn't they?

The A Team said...

McGeough managed to attract publicity for himself but not as a journalist, rather as an obsessive-compulsive scribbler of fantasty and ranting.

Chris Slade said...

What's worse?

The hate indoctrination practiced by Hamas or that practiced by malevolent journalists whose agendas serve the interests of Hamas?

My opinion - 50:50.