Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hypocrtical Letter of the Year

It seems that it's no longer necessary for racists to blur their feelings by distinguishing between their hatred for Israel and Zionism on the one hand and the Jewish people on the other. This applles to letter writers and their publishers alike if you take a letter that appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald this week.

At a time when the world is waking up to the massive scam perpetrated on it by a small band of Turkish backed jihadi terrorists on one of the boats of the Gaza Flotilla, the Palestine lobby is becoming desperate to avert the truth of Gaza and its repressive Hamas regime and has been advertising its propaganda line in many of Australia's newspapers. Yet the SMH allowed this bilious piece to see the light of day today.

Single voice is the sign of a lobby

Diane Armstrong (Letters, June 14) accuses Mike Carlton of making inflammatory claims in referring "mistakenly" to "the Jewish lobby". There are only "individual Jewish people voicing their opinions".

This claim is sheer sophistry. Jewish organisations in Australia appear to speak, and lobby, with one voice; it appears their only concern is to defend a pariah state. With endless dissembling they blame the victims of Israeli criminality.

Jews who oppose this wretched stance, notably the courageous Antony Loewenstein, are excoriated and excommunicated. Tribalism has trounced moral principles.

The Israel lobby is the Jewish lobby and its fellow travellers. I deeply resent the hold this lobby has on Australia's governments, which debases my integrity and threatens my personal security.

Evan Jones Glebe

Jones can't help it but one would expect much better even from Fairfax.

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