Thursday, March 27, 2008


Today is the sixth anniversary of the Passover massacre, a suicide bombing carried out by Hamas terrorists in the Park Hotel in the Israeli coastal city of Netanya. The attack occurred on a night when the traditional Jewish holiday of Passover was being celebrated. The Park Hotel was holding a Passover dinner for its 250 guests in a ground-floor dining room when a Palestinian suicide bomber entered the room and detonated an explosive device carried in a suitcase. Twenty-eight people were immediately killed, and about 140 were injured, of whom 20 were seriously injured. Two of the injured later died from their wounds. Many of the victims were Holocaust survivors.

The attack triggered Operation Defensive Shield, an operation in which Israel was falsely accused by many in the mainstream media of carrying out massacres against the Palestinians. The fiercest fighting in that period took place in Jenin where investigations later ascertained that 52 Palestinians died, 45 of who were combattants. Thirteen Israeli soldiers were also killed, most of them in a booby trapped building.

Yesterday, Omar Jabar, the Hamas mastermind who planned the attack and dispatched the suicide bomber to the Park Hotel, was captured - Israel: Hamas mastermind captured - and the world yawned.

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