Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Denis MacEoin writes in A Liberal Defence of Israel - Israel, the filthy germ:

"One of the first things that strikes the visitor to Iran is how polite everybody is. Hands go on chests (male chests anyhow) in a gesture of humility, it is commonplace to address someone as jenab, ‘your excellence’, to call oneself ‘your sacrifice’, and much besides. It’s an old fashioned society in which interpersonal relations are valued at all levels.

But ever since the revolution of 1979, there are more and more ways of insulting anyone perceived to be the enemy of Iran or Islam. Almost the first slogan of that revolution was marg bar-Amrika, ‘death to America’. Later, marg bar-Isra’il was added to the chants after every Friday prayer meeting. Verbal insults were matched by vicious disrespect for the most basic human dignity, in the parading of the US embassy hostages, the broadcasting of film of the US pilots burned in their helicopters during the failed Eagle Claw operation to rescue those hostages, the 2006 exhibition of cartoons mocking the Holocaust and its victims, or the conference on Holocaust denial held later that year

Now, Ahmadinejad has made a speech in which he describes Israel as ‘a filthy germ’ and ‘a savage beast’."

"If there is a virus, it has to be the curious one that has infected so many in the West, notably on the left. No matter how strong the moral and rational arguments in Israel’s favour, this benighted group persists in mouthing slogans, calling for boycotts, boosting terror groups like Hamas (freedom fighters even when they are attacking kindergartens), and denying any rights to Israel whatever. And when the Islamic state has been established, and they start stoning women and hanging gays and killing the Baha’is, and imprisoning the socialists, no doubt our brave enemies of Israel will slink off to find another cause. May that day never come."

As strange as it may seem there is a small group of Australian Jews who have been infected by that last virus described by MacEoin. The virus has even been given a name: Type IAJV and it stands for Impersonating Australian Jewish Voices. The virus is so acute that these people have, in their delirium, gotten into bed with some of the nastiest Israel bashers this side of Tehran by putting their names to an advertisment hostile to the Jewish State for publication tomorrow in The Australian Newspaper. Needless to say, the ad won't be mentioning the threats of genocide, intent to destroy Israel by violent means and the violence itself of the major Palestinian players in the region.

We should pray for what's left of their Jewish souls.

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