Thursday, March 20, 2008


The Palestinian propaganda machine together with its friends in the west have been ripping off the Jewish people for decades. They seek to revise our history in the most devious and underhand manner with the concept of Nakba (a 'catastrophe' for them because they lost a war to exterminate us) and with odious comparisons between the suffering of Jews in the Holocaust and the way they perceive they have been treated in the six decades since Israel became an independent state.

Palestinian refugees are kept in squalid camps and are refused basic human rights by their hosts so that for generations the people have been used as political pawns in a war against the Jews. The war is fought from inside populated areas and they attack non-combatants but when Israel creates a security barrier to keep these murderers out they cry 'apartheid' - yet another one of their nasty untruths. Israel is in negotiation with the Palestine Authority to resolve all differences between the sides; it ended its occupation of Gaza two and a half years ago and its citizens were attacked from the territory it left. But that's not enough for some people.

The latest rip off is the traditional parade held by Jews to celebrate the Festival of Purim which takes place tomorrow. In the photographs displayed here, local Palestinians and their supporters are shown lining up outside the Crown Casino on Tuesday evening in true Purim spirit and parading as a travelling freak show. The award for the best and freakiest in the parade would go to the bearded people in the photographs below.

These people are rabid in their senseless attacks on Israel and the Jews. Some in the crowd openly yelled out anti-Semitic comments at arriving guests while presumably, the few Jews among them stood shtum - silent. And their banners, like the one below make no sense to anyone (unless they happen to be the therapists of the sad individuals carrying them). The ludicrous comparison of Israel with Apartheid has been well and truly debunked here: Franchising Apartheid

I am reliably informed that a small number of those who took part in the parade are or were once Jews. This fits in nicely with the concept of betrayal that lies within the story of Purim. One price they are paying for the betrayal of their people and the attempted theft of its history is the fact that they find themselves part of this obnoxious parade of freaks.

FOOTNOTE: At least one of the small number of Jewish protesters on Tueday night was Alex Nissen (I'm not sure if it's a he or a she) and it would come as a surprise to nobody that this person is one of the signatories to the infamous Nakba Advertisement which appeared in last week's Australian. Two of her co-signatories are co-authors of a letter in the current edition of the Australian Jewish News which will go down in history as one of the worst attempts to backflip and regain face in the history of the Jewish community in this country. LAntony Loewenstein and Peter Slezak along with James Levey are all of Sydney but really, they would have been right at home with this crowd in Melbourne last Tuesday night.


Anonymous said...

I saw Blondie Sonja Karkar head honcho of Australians for Palestine & Woman for Palestine the organisers of the protest standing and looking from afar at her mob of deadbeats shouting their racist remarks at Jews arriving at Crown Casino last night.

I guess Blondie was either too ashamed to stand with her people or alternatively embarrassed that so few protestors turned up, perhaps the pay for rent a mob isn't enough.

Blondie and her friend Dora Mcphee al’ ages favourite letter writer
both wearing their Arab Kafeyas must have been wondering to them selves '' where have we gone wrong' ??
The Labor PM their man in office {remember that Zionist lover Howard] was inside drinking wine and breaking bread with the Zionists and not them….Ho hum poor blondie she had better get back to her computer to pump out more propaganda about those awful Zionists.perhaps she can call Ant or Sol to get some more information on the next Zionist function at Crown.

Anonymous said...

A letter to Mrs. Karkar of Australians for Palestine"

While you were standing across the path and watching you obedient followers chant their obligatory racist remarks about Israel as Melbourne Jews arrived at the entrance to Crown casino the other night, you might have wondered why it was that PM Kevin Rudd was paying "respect' to a packed room full of Zionists rather than your rowdy mob.

I also imagine that you purposely kept your distance from your fellow Palestinians, supporters, extremist socialists, and other dropouts across the path because there were so few of them (I counted no more than about 35) .

I'm sure it would have been most embarrassing for you to been associated with such a miserable turn out.

Australia is a good country and unlike the Palestinian territories and most of the Arab world where you can not go out as you feel and protest.

As Kevin Rudd quite rightly told the packed 'Zionist' audience Australia and Israel have a lot in common.

Maybe it's time for Palestinians to follow the Hindus and find a leader that will ''peacefully'' try to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, after all ,your violence has not achieved statehood what do you have to loose?

Salam Alakam

Mick Stone

Sam said...

Isn't it time that Jews protest outside Arab embassies and at pro-Palestinian rallies? It's high time that there are protests against the expulsion of 800,000 Jews from Arab countries.

Why are there no protests? Why isn't the world concerned about the Jewish refugees? Is it because they weren't allowed to rot in refugee camps?

Every time there are the do-gooders who hold up banners about Palestinian refugees, there should be another crowd with banners about the Jewish expulsion from Arab countries.

Anonymous said...

''Isn't it time that Jews protest outside Arab embassies’’?

Don't you know Jews don't protest they don't cause a fuss or cause violnce they don't like to make waves they just write letters to the editor... of course there is always exceptions to the rule that is Jews that support the Palestinians and Arabs or course those Jews like to look like the, ferrels and deadbeats we saw outside the Crown Casino..