Monday, March 10, 2008


"It is important to note that the Palestinians have continued their terrorist attacks in recent years despite the complete Israel withdrawal from Gaza in 2005. Instead of seizing he opportunity to engage in state-building and in improving the standard of living for Gazans, the Palestinians acted upon their hatred and continued to attack Israeli civilians, which is in itself a war crime.

"In contrast, Israeli military activities have never targeted civilians. Civilians are hurt occasionally in urban warfare, particularly when Hamas cynically places missile launchers or weapons stockpiles in the heart of a civilian area. These sites are, nevertheless, lawful military objectives. Under the Geneva Conventions, the responsibility for civilian casualties arising from the "shielding" lies with the party that deliberately placed civilians at risk. Moreover, Israeli military units do their best to minimize the collateral damage when attacking military targets in the midst of civilian concentrations. The officers in the field are so instructed and they have great leeway even to abort missions in case the lives of too many civilians are at stake. More than once, IDF officers have risked their own troops to prevent Palestinian civilian casualties."

From Efraim Inbar - Israel's moral war against Hamas for those who continue to make the nonsensical claim that there is moral equivalence between those who commit criminal attacks targetting civilians and those who must fight to defend their people from them.

And for those who make sport of shielding the crimes of Hamas and Hizbullah away from the eyes of the world, you now can hide this information in the blank pages - Palestinians: Hamas, Hezbollah cooperated on Jerusalem terror attack.


Anonymous said...

And you can hide this one too Mister Ed.

Gulliver_on_tour said...

This one's been well hidden already -

Last Sunday, Israel allowed 62 trucks to cross through the Sufa crossing. Palestinians fired mortars at the trucks, forcing them to turn back. Several hours later they tried again, successfully this time.

On Tuesday, Israel allowed some 160 truckfuls of aid to enter Gaza through three checkpoints. Again, mortar fire from Gaza was directed at the Kerem Shalom and Sufa crossings, which Islamic Jihad and PFLP took credit for.

Then, on Wednesday, Israeli authorities discovered chemicals used for making explosives just one hour after Israel opened up Gaza crossings for shipments of humanitarian goods. The chemicals were discovered in a sealed container and were intended for use in Kassam rockets.

None of these stories merited a word from Ed.

He really does hate evil so much that he exposes it on all sides, doesn't he?

Jono said...

Interesting story gulliver, shows what kind of mentality we are dealing with.