Tuesday, October 23, 2007


While the cheerleader for the Palestinians was availing readers of the Melbourne Age with a one-sided rendition of Israel bashing propaganda about how its security is allegedly making it difficult for some Gazans to obtain urgent medical treatment in Israeli hospitals (and what other country in the world gives enemy citizens such life giving benefits?), here is a selection of the news about from the region which its Jerusalem bureau chief either didn't know about or chose to ignore (with thanks to Elder of Ziyon):-

An Islamic Jihad member was killed Sunday night by Hamas.

A man died from injuries inflicted by Hamas in September.

A six year old boy was kidnapped for ransom in the West Bank..

A second man in two days was found, tortured and shot, in Gaza. (Here are pictures of the first one, who looks like Hamas gouged his eye out.).

An 18-year old girl was abducted by Hamas.

Another body found of a 29-year old man east of Qalqiya.

This brings to 557 the number of Palestinian Arabs violently killed by each other in 2007 including 33 women and 40 children.

Are you shocked?

You would be if you read the Melbourne Age and followed its soon to depart Jerusalem bureau chief or read its letters section where an observer from Brunswick, who has swallowed his propaganda hook, line and sinker, writes today about the "persecution of Palestinians" but doesn't know or care that the persecution is largely self-inflicted. It's worth making a note about the above reports because you won't read a word about them in your local broadsheet unless you manage to find the blank pages.

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Anonymous said...

It would be a good idea to let us in on what happened in Palestine during the week because some bad shit's been going down on the Pali side but Ed's gone AWOL (as he usually does when that happens)!