Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Melanie Phillip's Diary reports on the poison at the heart of the left and tells the shocking tale of how the more radical elements of the left shamefully use or rather, grossly misuse the Holocaust "to fuel its anti-Zionism."

According to Elder of Ziyon, the Israel-bashers who are guilty of this abhorrent behaviour "like to claim that Zionists use the term "anti-semitism" as a club to crush all criticism of Israel. The problem is, of course, that the same crowd uses the claim of Zionist use of anti-semitism as a means to avoid discussing real issues.

"The word misoziony can neatly solve that problem and can help re-focus the arguments back on their fundamentally untenable bases. Pointing out misoziony can help to sharpen the debate and point out the basic irrationality of the Israel-bashers.

It is also a much more convenient term when talking about the Jimmy Carters or Walt/Mearsheimers of the world. While they claim that they are not against the existence of Israel, there is no doubt that they suffer from misoziony, uniquely blaming Israel for a large number of world problems and simultaneously absolving everyone else. It is probably not accurate to call them anti-semites but they are firmly in the misozionist camp."

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