Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Marty Peretz writes in The New Republic about HOW PALESTINIANS BUILD CONFIDENCE.

He tells of a visit by Israeli PM Ehud Olmert to the West Bank town of Jericho to meet with his Palestinian counterpart Mahmoud Abbas in August. Israeli security had discovered that Fatah operatives attached to the Palestinian Authority had planned to target Olmert's party for assassination. They arrested some of the principals and handed them over to the PA which last week released them. This is Palestinian confidence building in the wake of an important peace summit.

Peretz calls the Palestinian response a "tragic joke", one that can cost lives, Jewish and Arab but the humour doesn't come blacker or lower than that of a group called "Women for Palestine" which has this vicious piece of hatemongering in the Melbourne Age on-line edition yesterday under the title "Peace without justice is no peace at all".

I should preface my remarks about this item by stating that what they really mean is that peace without justice is no peace at all but in the context of the Israel/Palestine conflict the "justice" part is never meant to be applied to the Israelis at all.

The WFP are all for a single state solution which recognises neither the Jewish right to self-determination nor that of the Palestinian Arabs. Instead, they consider that both peoples will live together in one state and the fact that the Jews will ostensibly be given this privilege is regarded as a sign of "remarkable magnanimity" on the part of those who argue for this "solution".

There is absolutely no sign of anywhere of any guarantee about what might happen in such a state if any of the political groups such as Hamas, Islamic Jihad which are committed to the genocide against Jews everywhere might come into the ascendancy. The proponent of this wild scheme, Ghada Karmi, reportedly told an audience in Perth last week "that when her one-state solution is implemented, she expects most of the Jews to go back to Europe".

That's what these despicable women claim is a peaceful solution. In fact, it's not a peaceful solution at all but a prescription for genocide against the Jews - Palestinian humour at its best; the same sort of funny business that the PA is teaching its children on its television programmes. Unfortunately, most of us don't think it's such a joke!


gulliver_on_tour said...

You are right. It's no joke and it's not funny.

What's even less funny is that there are Jews who would be complicit in this policy of genocide with a a smiling face, the likes of Chomsky, Finklestein, Loewenstein and others who simply don't want to realize that a one state solution won't work.

Ron Fields said...

Here's another joke. The PA won't attend the US-sponsored peace conference in Annapolis unless an agreement is reached beforehand with Israel on all the final status issues, Saeb Erekat, a member of the PA negotiating team, said Tuesday -

Why have talks in the first place if you need to have agreement before the talks can take place?

Go figure?

Warshy said...

The article by Women for Palestine is a litany of lies. It ignores completely those Israelis who are Jewish refugees (or their descendants) from Arab and other Middle Eastern lands who suffered from oppression in those countries and who have never been compensated for their suffering. They are not European Zionists at all. This is not an issue of Europeans v Middle Easterners.

These women are telling lies when they say they don't want to destroy Israel. Their aim as stated in the charter of all Palestinian armed groups is to do just that despite the fact that the United Nations voted on a 2 state solution 60 years ago.