Monday, October 22, 2007


The winds of change are about to blow through the Age Jerusalem bureau with the departure of the incumbent chief Ed O'Loughlin who has ensured that his reporting of events from the region will be remembered for his blatant pro-terrorist bias with today's offering - Tactics deny aid for Gaza ill.

The article raises some serious issues that must be dealt with by Israeli authorities. If the allegations made by Sarah Leah Whitson of Human Rights Watch's Middle East division that "Israel is punishing sick civilians as a way to hurt Hamas," then they should be investigated and the appropriate action should be taken.

Of course, it's unfortunate that the Age rarely investigates the numerous abuses of the many Arab regimes in the region which do not have the protection of democratic processes in the way that Israel does. But that’s another story altogether!

What is equally disturbing about O'Loughlin's article is the reporter's own journalistic style and his total disregard of the human rights of the citizens of Israel which its own government are duty bound to protect.

In typical fashion, this reporter has left it to the ninth and final paragraph to provide his readers with the Israeli version, a brief statement of denial from an anonymous Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesperson that Hamas was "preventing Israel from opening its crossings with Gaza".

Naturally, O'Loughlin has done a good job of keeping his readers in the dark about Hamas attacks on those crossings including attacks on those bringing in humanitarian aid into Gaza.

And in the context of the coverage of Israeli security concerns about Palestinians crossing into Israel for treatment, the Age's ailing Middle East correspondent has not deigned to remind those readers about the chilling story of the horrors that Waffa Samir Ibrahim Bass could easily have perpetrated two years ago when she was granted permission to travel from Gaza to the southern Israeli city of Beersheba for medical treatment.

This NBC news item is therefore an essential companion item to O’Loughlin’s shameful reporting - PALESTINIAN PATIENT TRIED TO BLOW UP IN THE ISRAELI HOSPITAL WHERE SHE WAS TREATED.


Anonymous said...

Thank god that hideous cretin is leaving.

Virginia Starke said...

I found this quote in an article in the Age of all places -

"A British parliamentary report on anti-Semitism last year found a troubling complacency on university campuses about a rise in harassment of Jewish students by "an unholy alliance of the hard left and Islamist fundamentalists".

This was not written by O'Loughlin but I suggest in his spare time that he reads it and understands just what he is playing with when he peddles his one-sided coverage of the news from this troubled region.