Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Since well before Oslo it has been accepted that peace between Israel and Palestine is dependent on many things but the mutual recognition of each partys' right to exist and an end to incitement and violence are of paramount importance if peace is to be achieved.

The election of Hamas earlier this year was a major blow to the hopes of those who dream of peace in the region but some commentators still maintain that the road to peace can be achieved by way of dealing with Mahmoud Abbas who heads the Fatah party and who retains the PA Presidency.

It is in this capacity that Abbas runs Palestine Authority TV. Here's an item from Palestine Media Watch on political, hate and violence messages directed at Israel that is aired on PA TV's educational programmes. If you follow to the end of the story, you'll find some Abbas double talk on what the recognition of Israel means. Further down the page, there's the PA's take on the Pope and how Allah will punish him for his speech about Islam and below that, the story of the return of PA TV's big hit music video depicting a Shahid (Martyr for Allah) being rewarded by marrying the Dark Eyed Maidens (Virgins) of Paradise.

All very intriguing but not all that promising for those who want to see peace in the region in the near future!

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