Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Dear Comrades,

The People's Republic of China has recently taken some dramatic steps in support of its communist ally North Korea by commencing inspections of cargo trucks bound for its neighbour and also by stepping up the construction of an Apartheid Wall along the border between the two countries - CHINA INSPECTS NORTH KOREAN CARGO.

To suggest however, that the objective of this action is to enforce the new United Nations sanctions levelled against the North Koreans for their recent wonderful nuclear test is an Imperialist lie. This has nothing to do with that glorious achievement.

The action has been taken as a vehicle for keeping the revolutionary motivation and steadfastness of the zealous North Korean peasantry at the highest possible level.

A dialectic materialist analysis of history has shown us many times that such things as food and the material products which are so important to capitalism's running dogs are of no use to the Proletariat and only serves to soften them. Accordingly, it was resolved that it is in the interests of our North Korean brothers and sisters to prevent cargo from crossing the border.

Further, in order to enable these heroic peoples to truly understand the nature of oppression, the People's Republic has made the decision to construct a massive barbed wire and concrete fence along parts of its border with the North.

"Although the project was approved in 2003, the fence-building appears to have picked up since the test was announced. Scores of soldiers have descended on farmland near the border-marking Yalu River to erect concrete barriers 8 to 15 feet tall and string barbed wire between them, farmers and visitors to the area said."

The construction is most definitely an Apartheid Wall but it is there for no other reason than to remind our North Korean brothers in arms and all good people everywhere of a similar barrier built in another place.

The identification with this Apartheid Wall is necessary to enable them to clearly understand that the root cause of their miserable existence and that the true blame for all of their problems including their poverty, their hunger, the crime, drug addiction, the sexual assaults on their revolutionary sisters and the corruption in their society lies with the zionist entity.

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