Saturday, October 21, 2006


What happened to the greenhouses originally built by Israeli settlers and gifted by Western businessmen to the Palestinian people when Israel ended its occupation of Gaza last year?

The greenhouses once produced a variety of fruit and vegetables and provided employment for Palestinian labourers but twelve months is a long time in the history of terrorism.

The greenhouses have now been converted by enterprising armed thus into conduits for the importation of weapons into Gaza for use against Israeli civilians in parts of Israel that were never occupied territory.

Thus, Gaza will become a war zone and it's peoples' suffering will continue.

Why, you ask?

Don't bother consulting the Melbourne Age if you want the answer. It won't even put you in the picture because it only tells its readers what it wants them to read.


Anonymous said...

Damn the Age for forgetting to tall us all about the "forgotten Palestinians" again!

Da Lai Lager said...

Supporters of Palestinian terror talk endlessly of the hopelessness of the Palestinians in justification of their violence against Israel.

This is just a suggestion but if only they would have used the greenhouses they were gifted for their intended purpose instead of for arms smuggling tunnels, their situation might not be so hopeless?

Am I being naieve or what?

Anonymous said...

You think you have problems over there with the Melbourne Age?

Here in Britain we have the Brazen Bias Corporation.

Read Melanie Phillips -

Anonymous said...

One has to seriously ask the Age if it considers itself a credible newspaper in regards its coverage of Israel. There are so many holes there that I sometimes wonder if its ME bureau chief Ed O'Loughlin is partial to Swiss Cheese. That's the sort of coverage he's providing - the holes only and not the substance.