Friday, October 20, 2006


According to Human Rights Watch, Hizbullah used cluster bombs during its war on Israel this northern summer [REPORT:HIZBULLAH USED CLUSTER BOMBS]. The report comes months after HRW's condemnation of the use by Israel of the same weapon in much large quantities and follows visits by the human rights organisation to the Israeli Druse village of Mughar "whose family members - civilians - were wounded by Hizbullah's cluster bombing."

Apparently, HRW made no comment on the fact that while the Israeli bombing targetted enemy combatants in the course of prosecuting a war, the targets of the Hizbullah bombing attacks, whether by cluster bombing, the use of sophisticated missiles supplied by Iran and Syria or by katyushas loaded with lethal ball bearings were exclusively civilian - and emanated maily from civilian areas.

And of course, the Melbourne Age which has been right on top of the cluster bomb story until now, has ignored the report altogether.


Gilliver_on_Tour said...

Nope. Not on their radar.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a viewer of BBC World 24/7 but I have not seen an item on cluster bombs in Lebanon since the HRW report.

Has the story gone stale now that it's revealed Hezbollah uses them?