Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The UN's tragic failure

This Jerusalem Post Editoria looks at the UN's tragic failure
Today, perhaps more than ever before in history, there is a desperate need for an objective, responsible international body capable of peacefully arbitrating conflicts, enforcing human rights and mitigating the more negative forces of globalization.

The United Nations no longer fills the bill. Rather it panders to the racism of many of its corrupt consituents in the General Assembly where "about 20 anti-Israel resolutions are adopted each year, as opposed to just five or six against other countries."

We live in dark times where irresponsible terrorists are feted and bankrupt regimes are acclaimed at the expense of democracies.

With its automatic majority of human rights violators who condemn the Jewish State and champion the cause of its corrupt leaders, the United Nations is about to throw the Palestinian people under a bus by giving succor to the hatreds of their disgraceful leadership.

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