Thursday, September 15, 2011

Nice pay if you can get it.

The man pictured is Abdel Bari Atwan, editor in chief of pan-Arab daily Al Quds al Arabi who often appears on the BBC and CNN.

According to elderof ziyon, Atwan has been a big supporter of terror attacks on Israel.

From Wikipedia:

Speaking about Iran's nuclear capability in an interview on Lebanese television in June 2007, Atwan stated, "If the Iranian missiles strike Israel, by Allah, I will go to Trafalgar Square and dance with delight."In March 2008, Atwan said that the Mercaz HaRav shooting, in which a Palestinian gunmen killed eight students (aged 15 to 26), "was justified." He added that the Mercaz HaRav yeshiva is responsible for "hatching Israeli extremists and fundamentalists" and that the celebrations in Gaza following the attack symbolized "the courage of the Palestinian nation."Atwan described the the attacks on Israelis in Eilat as correcting "the course of the Arab revolutions and refocused them on the most dangerous disease, namely the Israeli tyranny. This disease is the cause of all the defects that have afflicted the region for the past 65 years."

According to The Elder, Arabic media has been reporting that the new Libyan government has released documents showing that Atwan, as well as Jordanian Al-Dostour reporter Khairy Mansour, were being paid by Gaddafi a sum of $3000 every month. Atwan vehemently denies it and is threatening to sue everyone who makes these accusations.

Good to know if you ever come across this scumbucket on your television screen.

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