Monday, September 26, 2011

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas must stop deluding himself

Today's Australian Editorial - - says it all about what is happening with the Palestinian pursuit for independent statehood.

Abbas is not the only one prone to delusion. All those who are baying for the creation of a Palestinian State in the absence of peace talks which Abbas is doing his best to avoid are causing inestimable damage to the cause of peace in the region.
Given the lessons of history, Mr Netanyahu can hardly be expected to exercise anything other than the utmost caution. Hamas, which only recently reconciled with Mr Abbas's Fatah movement, doesn't recognise Israel's right to exist. It's hell-bent on its destruction. It has rained down thousands of rockets on Israel. It opposes Mr Abbas's statehood bid, declaring the battle for the liberation of all Palestinian land the first priority. It is willing Mr Abbas to fail so it can capitalise on the Palestinian disillusionment to follow.

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