Thursday, September 16, 2010


This Ha'aretz photograph is of a Quassam rocket fired from Beit Hanoun is Gaza in 2008. I have no idea whether it contained phosphorus but if it hit my kids, I'd be pretty pissed!

Look out for a report in tomorrow's Age together with analysis on the use by Palestinian terrorists operating out of Gaza of phosphorous bombs - IDF confirms Gaza militants fired phosphorous bombs at Israel

Human rights organisations should be up in arms and the United Nations is expected to call an investigation into these war crimes perpetrates to derail direct peace talks between Israel and its peace partner, the Palestine Authority.

However, while the story will shock most of the civilised world, the news of the phosporus bombs is expected to be censored by the PA's own television networks which are still hammering on about Jews being descendants of pigs and monkeys.


Wilbur Post said...

Actually, I'm pulling your leg about the Age reporting on this trivial little matter. It's only an offence when Jews are alleged to be using phosphorus to defend their citizens. Human rights groups won't be up in arms either, the United Nations will look the other way and Goldstone will be twiddling away with his vuvuzela in Jo'berg.

However, the part about the pigs and monkeys is no exaggeration.

Paddy Hugh said...

Yeah, we all took that second paragraph SO seriously, Wilbur :)

It detonated my sarcasm detector.

Anonymous said...

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