Wednesday, September 01, 2010


The murder in cold blood of four Israelis by Palestinian terrorists on the West Bank (4 Israelis killed in shooting attack shattering years of relative West Bank calm) proves the facile nature of the commentary in yesterday's Australian by Australians for Palestine mouthpiece Alex Whisson wherein he sought to blame the Israeli side in advance for the breakdown of the talks before they've even started.

We all know the truth now. As Vic Alhadeff, CEO, NSW Jewish Board of Deputies wrote in a letter published in today's Oz.

As ALEX Whisson's article ("Actions speak louder than talks for Israel", World Commentary, 31/8) is disingenuous at best and dishonest at worst.

The evidence is irrefutable that Israel has put on the table a string of peace offers in recent years, each of which has been consistently knocked back by the Palestinian leadership.

The latest talks have the potential to usher in peace. The major obstacle to that happening is that the Palestinians are at war with themselves: while Fatah claims to talk peace, Hamas, which rules Gaza with a brutal fist, is committed to Israel's destruction. That's the reason for the stalemate. Everything else is secondary.

Palestinian terror organisations have stepped in to show their true colours. What a pity it is that their cause is given succor by the BDS terrorists and other fools and liars.

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