Monday, September 06, 2010


In today's Australian:

Colin Rubenstein's arguments ("Creativity and realism required for success in Middle East talks", 3/9) are baseless. The myopic view that Israel equals right and Palestine equals wrong is demonstrated when he refers to Mahmoud Abbas as on the "negative side" and Benjamin Netanyahu on the "Israeli side".

Moammar Mashni, Australians for Palestine, Melbourne, Vic

Despite Mr. Mashni's posturing, a quick glance through the pages of the very edition of the Weekend Australian in which the Rubenstein article appeared the Iranian leader was quoted as saying Israel must be annihilated and there are photographs of armed Hamas terrorists who are ready to hit "the Zionist enemy in any place at any time" and that "all options are open". Meanwhile, PA leaders were doing their level best to criticise Israel before the talks even opened.

If that's the "positive" side according to Mashni, then we live in a sick old world!


Anonymous said...

Moammar Mashni part of the Palestinian lobby what do you expect him to say..

CassieB said...

Pretty sure that Mashni is the fool who was skewered by the lady in this radio interview -