Monday, May 17, 2010


Photo from AP shows da late big hero Mabhouh. So far, according to the cops in Dubai, it took 69 assassins to send him to his 72 virgins. The latest suspect is a 62 year old Scotsman who, shock horror, entered Dubai on his own passport.

The Dubai police have turned to a source with a different twist for their suspect of the week. After fingering Israelis, Palestinians, boat people fleeing in the direction of Iran and a violin repairer, the Dubai sleuths have really done it this time.

Scotsman suspected in Mabhouh hit

No mention of whether the suspect was wearing a kilt or whether he poisoned his victim with some dodgy haggis but I'm certain that Age Middle East correspondent Jason Kousoutkis is all over the story and will bring us the answer very soon.

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