Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lack of Transpency in Rudd Decision

Greg Sheridan usually gets it right on Israel and his analysis in today's Australian is no exception - Israeli diplomat expulsion reflects badly on Rudd

THE Rudd Government has overreacted and made a bad mistake in expelling an Israeli diplomat over the Dubai passports affair.

Its action has already dismayed and divided the government's supporters. Michael Danby, the Labor member for Melbourne Ports, and the chairman of the parliamentary sub-committee on foreign affairs, immediately condemned the expulsion.

"I do not agree with the decision," Mr Danby said.

Foreign Minister Stephen Smith cited Britain, France, Germany and Ireland in justifying his overreaction.

Yet of these only the British have expelled an Israeli diplomat and that was the action of a dying government desperately casting around for minority support.

Surely the Rudd government is more mature and worldly than the most desperate days of the dying Gordon Brown interregnum?

Surely, it is not and sadly, the Rudd government may well as a result of this blunder which indirectly affects the well-being of Australians as well as Israelis and Palestinians.

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