Thursday, May 27, 2010


On spooks and passports, Bishop states the obvious

The Australian May 27, 2010

JULIE Bishop's statement about the use of faked passports has politicians and commentators spinning like Kevin Rudd's doctors ("Bishop attacked over spy claims", 26/5).

The discussions never get to grips with the issue. Let us ask ourselves some sensible questions and see if we can come to some reasonable conclusions about what is happening in the real world.

Does Australia have an intelligence agency? Does this agency have frontline operatives who could be in danger? Do they ever use false identities to protect themselves or their political masters? Do they ever travel abroad in a professional capacity?

If the answer to all of the above is yes, then we have to ask a further question: who creates and provides the appropriate documentation. If the answer to the questions is no, we have a problem.

R. J. Lock, Brisbane, Qld

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