Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The curse of Kerr's Cur

On Remembrance Day this year it will be 35 years since the then Governor-General of this country Sir John Kerr dealt a blow to democracy and the rule of law by dismissing the elected Labor Government of Gough Whitlam and installing Liberal Party leader Malcolm Fraser in its place.

Many believe that this was an outcome that resulted from connivance between Kerr and Fraser and that the government had been cheated of office by a conspiracy of Opposition, business and media interests.

Even after all of these years, it therefore comes as no surprise to read a Melbourne Age report that Fraser, who these days shills for terror group Hamas and maintains that Israel should talk to this organisation whose charter advocates its destruction, wants Australia to expel an Israeli diplomat because of the unproven allegation that the Mossad used fake Australian passports to assassinate Hamas arms and drugs dealer Mahmoud al-Mabhouh (yet another unsubstantiated allegation) - Fraser says expel Israeli diplomats. In doing so, the man shows his contempt for the rule of law because it is by no means certain that Israel was involved in the use of the fake passports.

And while there is no proof that Israel was implicated in the use of forged passports, Fraser and the Age are silent about the only known user of fake passports in this affair Hamas man al Mabhouh himself had five of them in when found dead in his hotel room in Dubai. No mention is made of the fact that the only arrests in connection with the affair have been of three Palestinians. Nor of the fact that Fraser's mates at Hamas are so low that they even stoop to stealing money from their own banks according to Palpress (please don't hold your breath waiting for the Age to tell that story).

But let's not allow the facts to get in the way of a good ole Israel bashing story.

Indeed, let's avoid the facts altogether and let's just bludgeon the Jewish State for standing up to Hamas would be mass murderers. That seems to be Fraser's style these days.

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Anonymous said...

Once a fascist, always a fascist (with or without his pants on).