Monday, March 01, 2010


Every once in a while the Age gets things right and the Sunday Age hit the target with some brilliant coverage of the Passport Affair on its opinion pages.

Sitting side by side were two articles - Hitting the wrong target by Sarah Honig and a rather dull, rambling little rant from Ross Burns. Burns is described in the foot note as "a former Australian ambassador" which sheepishly omits to add that his gig was to his beloved Syria (which would have partly explained to Age readers why this rather dull man leans far against the Israelis) - Hitting the wrong target - 2.

Honig's piece is heartfelt and cuts to the chase. Burns' offering is illogical and tendentious and failed to pass the readership test at the coffee lounge where I breakfasted yesterday - and that was in Fitzroy which you would think might be in the heart of the very territory where some peoples' sympathies might lie in the same place as Burns' dark heart. Not in this instance, folks!
The Sunday Age coverage made up for one of the most revoltingly filthy pieces of agitprop masquerading as cartoon work by Tandberg a day earlier in the Saturday edition. All one can now ask is - give your readership both sides please and leave the disturbed dawbings to your other propagandist Leunig who at least has a heart.


Anonymous said...

On behalf of the Judean People's Liberation Front, I accept full responsibility. (Brian)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, it was the People's Liberation Front of Judaea.
(Brian's friend)

Anonymous said...

The Age on Monday did its best today to make up for things with its letters section publishing a handful of groupthink letters all on the same lines. I know of at least two letters with opposing views (I sent one and I met a friend at the movies who wrote one). Too hard for the Arab sympathisers who run the letters section to provide balance.