Wednesday, September 23, 2009


For sheer mendacity and spite towards the Jewish State you couldn't go past the late 60 Minutes presenter Richard Carleton who not only presented his reports on the Israel/Palestine conflict with bias but also with a blatant disregard for most of the facts.

He now has an heir apparent at 60 Minutes in the form of Liam Bartlett who began his segment on Israeli settlers with the following lie - "hundreds of thousands of Jewish settlers are moving into the West Bank, building new towns on Palestinian land."

Honest Reporting looks at Bartlett's tactics in Demonization From Down Under


Moshe said...

Bad enough we have idiots like Bartlett but in our own community we have imbeciles like the so-called Sensible Jew who rang the producer in a fit of bum sniffing and assured him that community leaders who provided a reasoned criticism of the programme didn't speak for her.

Extraordinarily stupid!

Anonymous said...

Alex Fein Sensible Jew blogger who tells us she is or was married to a Iranian Muslim calls up 60 Minutes to tell them their Israel Hatchet job [better than anything Al jazeera could do ] was not so bad.. and to ignore those pesky Zionists who wrote in to ask for a bit of balance please... can you ever imagine a Muslim married to a Jewess setting up a blog site to attack Muslim leaders, representatives and main stream Muslim community how long would he last ? She must be a closet Loewenstein groupie!


Wilbur Post said...

I believe that she rang 60 minutes and said that the official Jewish community members who criticised the programme did not speak for her.

I disagree with that approach and belive it to be destructive to the Israeli and Jewish cause but that doesn't put her in the Loewenstein class.