Wednesday, September 16, 2009


The long awaited Goldstone report which was commissioned by the United Nations to expose Israeli 'war crimes' during Operation Cast Lead, has been released. The full report is contained here in this 574 page pdf document.

Unsurprisingly, the Commission found evidence of 'war crimes' and 'possible crimes against humanity' committed by Israel during the course of Operation Cast Lead. It also found evidence of similar crimes committed by the 'Palestinians' but the betting is that this part will be swept under the carpet if it hasn't already been.

The Commission believes that Israel can be referred to the International Criminal Court. However, it does not recommend that happen immediately. Instead, it is recommending that Israel be given six months to put IDF soldiers on trial for 'war crimes' and to report back to the UN Security Council on what those trials have shown and how many people have been convicted of 'war crimes.'

Israel has already conducted several trials and investigations as a result of Operation Cast Lead, but there has only been one instance of a conviction of a soldier having violated the rules of war.

Unlike any investiation before Sir Richard Goldstone on behalf of the UN, Israeli trials are based on the rule of law where judges usually weigh up the evidence based on a number of considerations including the credibility of witnesses. Hamas sympathisers who have no chance of passing a lie detector test are not generally regarded as credible witnesses.

Elder of Ziyyon is already doing a great job of fisking the report item by item - here.

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