Monday, September 21, 2009

Australians for Palestine accept that Palestinians committed war crimes

The pro Palestinian lobby group Australians for Palestine has released a statement in which it welcomes the findings of the Goldstone Report which condemned both Israel and the Palestinians for allegedly committing war crimes and human rights abuses during the 2008/9 War in Gaza - AFP STATEMENT.

In welcoming the Goldstone Report the Palestine Lobby has accepted the complicity of the Hamas led government in Gaza in committing war crimes even though the statement avoided mention of that part of Goldstone's report.

Israel and its supporters have roundly condemned the report's findings so it is curious indeed that the Palestine Lobby in Australia has jumped in and accepted it all chapter and verse. Curious but no surprise because this lobby is reticent when it comes to the atrocities committed in the name of the Palestinian people by Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Fatah.

A more rounded approach to Goldstone's biased report is this critique from the ALP's Michael Danby taken from Hansard:

Goldstone commission non-credible by Michael Danby MHR Thursday September 17, 2009 from Hansard

Mr DANBY (Melbourne Ports) (12.43 pm)

The Goldstone Commission, which has just reported in Geneva, probably will not be discussed much by this parliament, reflecting its lack of credibility and the fact that the Australian government, I am sure, does not take it seriously. The mandate of this regrettable commission, investigating the divisive problem of the Middle East, has been troubled from the beginning. All of the European Union, Switzerland, Canada, Korea and Japan, refused to be associated with the UN Human Rights Council mandate for this commission because it was so biased. Distinguished individuals such as former Irish president Mary Robinson refused invitations to head the commission since it was guided not by human rights but by politics.

In fact, her statement said:
I absolutely condemn what Hamas does. And that also should be a subject of inquiry - that is, the war that took place in the Middle East at the beginning of this year.

She continued:
And unfortunately, the Human Rights Council passed a resolution seeking a fact-finding mission to only look at what Israel had done, and I don't think that's a human rights approach. We need an inquiry to look at the violations of international humanitarian law by-potential violations by all sides.

That would be much fairer than the kangaroo court that, regrettably, has been established by this commission.

There is good old Australian racetrack terminology that describes the Goldstone commission: this is a race horse sired out of malice, out of a mare named Hypocrisy. I want to cite some of the background of the incredible one sidedness of the UN report that, regrettably, has been brought down by Justice Goldstone's commission in Geneva.

The mandate set by the Human Rights Council, run by such luminaries as Cuba, Zimbabwe, Libya et cetera pursuing it, was:
... to investigate all violations of International Human Rights Law and ... Humanitarian Law that might have been committed at any time in the context of
the military operations that were conducted in Gaza during the period 27 December 2008 to 18 January 2009 ...

Now, the point about that immediately leaps out from the above is that it sets a framework where only the military action in Gaza, not what preceded it, can be investigated. As a humanitarian and as a supporter of human rights, I would not mind if a fair-minded Human Rights Council from the United Nations investigated that conflict. But you must look at what preceded the Israel army's action in Gaza. The 8,000 rockets that landed on Israeli southern cities would be the subject as well of any investigation by a genuine humanitarian-any fair-minded person, any fair-minded United Nations organisation. The Goldstone commission is even more curious since UN Resolution S-9/1, which established the mandate for the Goldstone commission, said the Human Rights Council:
... decides to dispatch an urgent, independent ... fact-finding mission, to be appointed by the President of the Council, to investigate all violations of international human rights law ... by the occupying Power, Israel, against the Palestinian people ... particularly in the occupied Gaza Strip, due to the current aggression, and calls upon Israel not to obstruct the process of investigation and to fully cooperate with the mission.

One can understand why the Israelis, given the fact that nothing on their side was to be looked at and only what was happening in Gaza was to be looked at, would not cooperate with the mandate at all. What a very curious humanitarian commission that examines only one side. Most claims were unverifiable, made by various NGOs, including Human Rights Watch, which recently approached me to broaden their activities in Australia. Regrettably, I could not pursue their request, since Human Rights Watch have been soliciting fundraising efforts in Saudi Arabia- an extraordinary thing for a humanitarian organisation to do, given that country's record on religious freedom, the rights of women et cetera. It is disgraceful that Human Rights Watch apparently decided to solicit funds from Saudi zillionaires on the basis of their highly critical views of the Israeli position. Goldstones ridiculous repeatedly refers to Gaza as occupied even though the Israeli's unilaterally withdrew 5 years ago. No wonder so many people think some of these UN organizations exist in a parallel universe.

Let me speak some truth about power here. The resolution to the problems in the Middle East will come when people have considerations for all sides. President Obama will soon gather together the President of the Palestinian Authority and the Prime Minister of Israel, with the purpose of reviving the talks and reaching a two-state solution. We all know this has been the Australian position since partition; this has been the just position from the beginning. That is where justice will come from, not from this one-sided report which will only set back prospects of political settlement.


Anonymous said...

What are you on about mate? The terms of reference were altered to ensure the examination of alleged atrocities committed by both Israel and Palestinian militants. Both groups are examined in the report and found wanting. Israel has all the power, so it committed more atrocities.

Gulliver_on_Tour said...

Mr. Anonymous,

That's stupid. The power in terms of the Gallstone Report lies with the thugocracies that gave it life and which side with the Palestinian terrorists.

Israel has not been proven to have committed any atrocities and should not be tried and found guilty on the say so of those who sympathise with and are part of the Palestinian terrorist network lat started the war by lobbing missiles at Israeli children.

You would expect your own government to defend its people against that, wouldn't you ... mate?

slj said...

Mr Abbas wants to establish a Unilateral State of Palestine.Let him. There is more support in this country for such a State than you think !

Anonymous said...

Israels atrocities not proven?!? Come on Guliver... You have obviously not read the Goldstone Report and must have been hibernating during Operation Cast Led. "Israel punished, humiliated and terrorised the entire polulation", Goldstone elegantly put it.

It is so Bush-lihe and dumb to say that Arabs are terrorists. They are resisting occupation with what little means they have. Like some of us resisted the Germans a while ago. Terrorism is defined as "targeting civilians for political reasons". Have you not seen Apache helicopters spewing white phosphorous on civilians? Dozens of boys and girls subsequently carried into hospitals with flesh burned away to the bone? That is textbook terrorism, and you surely have seen it with your one eyes. A shame that your stone cold heart told your brains not to register that information.