Sunday, January 11, 2009


On Thursday the UN dramatically announced the cancellation of deliveries of humanitatian aid to Palestinians in Gaza because of the death of a Palestinian aid worker contracted to the UN and the wounding of two others after a UN truck was fired on near the Erez Crossing.

Ture to form, the UN accused the IDF of doing the firing (although there is a long history of Palestinian terrorists firing on this crossing) and these reports were widely disseminated in the global media.

A different story is now emerging - IDF: Army didn't fire on UN truck driver.

"On Friday, the Post reported that contrary to foreign press reports, it was not certain that an IDF tank shell hit the aid truck, and that in all probability, the aid workers were hit by Hamas gunfire. The foreign press reports were based on UN sources, who later admitted to the Post that they were not sure in which direction the truck was headed when it was hit, and could also not say with certainty that tank shells were responsible.

"Foreign press reports said the dead Palestinian and two others were hit by tank shells. An MDA medic at the scene told the Post that soldiers in the field had said Hamas snipers targeted the aid workers. A Post probe revealed that the two wounded Palestinians were being treated at Barzilai for gunshot wounds.

"Reacting to the IDF's assertion that it did not fire on the UN convoy last Thursday, UNRWA spokesman Chris Gunness said the UN 'was careful to source its information from eyewitnesses on the ground.'"


Mr. Gunness is always very carefult to quote from sources on the ground and damn whether they are credible or reliable or otherwise. A very definite pattern is emerging here and it's time an independent inquiry was carried out into the operations of UNWRA in the region.

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