Sunday, January 04, 2009


Khaled Abu Toameh reports in the Jerusalem Post that "sources close to Hamas revealed over the weekend that the movement had 'executed' more than 35 Palestinians who were suspected of collaborating with Israel and were being held in various Hamas security installations" - Hamas moves on Fatah 'collaborators'.

"Fahmi Za'arir, a Fatah spokesman in the West Bank, accused Hamas of 'executing' a number of Fatah detainees. He said the Fatah leadership knew of at least two Fatah men who were shot dead by Hamas after being released from prison. He named them as Nasser Muhana and Saher al-Silawi.

"Za'arir said that several Fatah members who attended funerals of victims of the IAF strikes were severely beaten by Hamas militiamen who accused them of collaboration with Israel.

"It was 'shameful' that Hamas was directing its weapons and energies against its own people instead of fighting against Israel, the spokesman said."

Now, let me see.

This means the current death toll in the Hamas war on Palestinians is:

Hamas 0

Rest 35

I'll leave it to the mathematicians to work out the score in terms of proportionality as well as the odds that this massacre will make it into the mainstream media by tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

There was a pro Hamas demonstration outside the State Library today (I say that because there were people there waving green Hamas flags).

I suppose they endorse this massacre?

Anonymous said...

One of the Political speakers at the pro Israel rally today said the difference between the Pro Israel rally and the Pro Hamas rally's around Australia is there were no cries to kill Palestinians , kill, Arabs, Kill Muslims kill. kill kill...

That about sums it up...oh the winning poster today at the Pro Israel rally was ..
The Age supports Hamas..{photo coming for this blog]