Friday, January 16, 2009



Colonel Neville said...


Great stuff and I salute you and your wrthy blog, old sport.

Yes, amazing is it not?

The vast world known as reality that is censored, biased out, lied about and manipulated by the incompetent, phony, control freak Leftard circus freaks of The Age...the digusting pages of The Age.

Jaspin must direct editorial policy from a Cuban toilet cubicle.

Here's my feeble take on the smame subject. Plus my Derek and Clive impression discussing The Age, Jaspin and how no Muslim can never do wrong...

There's a group of smart pro Israel, pro US pro capitalist democracy free marketeers and book readers that meet in Melbourne.

We discuss via the Chair a new subject/area each week etc . It's fun and and a brain stimulator.

Drop me a line at my shabby blog if it grabs you. Colonel Neville.

Colonel Neville said...


Oops! Worthy, not "wrthy!

I'd like to feature your blog in a post if that's ok? You've got something outstanding in Australia. I know the competition is slim if one thinks MSM junk!

You're the tops and should be an ESSENTIAL stopping place for any Oz analyst etc.

Hey, thanks for the Dr Marx the Hamasss Doc expose.

AN amazing amount of these alleged "spokesmen" are Leftard frauds, Islamists and other variations of totalitarian circus freaks.

Like The Age...

Colonel Neville.

Wilbur Post said...

As you wish Colonel.


PS: I think Mr. Jaspan has gone but sadly he has been replaced with another of the same ilk.

As you can see, the Age will gleefully publish letters from liars and con artists who happen also to be racists and they don't even have the decency to publish a "we done wrong".

Anonymous said...

al' Jaspan has gone but replaced by another apologist for the Arab/Muslim community Mark Baker not Jewish [ not the same left wing Jewish Academic at Monash] Baker was editor of the very far left wing Israel -hating rag ' Canberra Times'...