Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Thank you to the Australian newspaper for today publishing Killing defies pathetic explanations by David Aaronovitch.

SO, why kill the rabbi? There is a branch of apologetics - which I take crudely to be the belief that the crime is the fault of the victim - that assumes a milder form, and which I'll call explanetics. So the explanatists' view of the Mumbai massacres last week is that the cause lies in what concretely has been done to, or in the vicinity of, the young, cool-looking men with the grenades and the machineguns.

We live in a democracy so it's possible for some of those who have the mindset to produce what the writer calls "explanetics" to justify cold blooded murder (one of the victims was an anti zionist Jew which makes the exercise even more problematic) to have their say in the section immediately below the article. Someone should tell these blithering idiots that they have strayed away from the Age and should immediately go back there.

Here's an example of what an apologetic ranter can come up with if he tries really hard -

THE brutalising of Muslims in Kashmir may no longer be understood as a problem that begins and ends with India. It may be constructed as part of a broader conspiracy, spearheaded by the US. In this connection, Kashmir becomes a symptom of a more general disease that also explains the plight of Muslims in places as disparate as the Palestinian territories, Chechnya, Somalia, southern Thailand and the southern Philippines, all of which may be generalised in the one struggle: the globalisation of terrorism.

That's Walid Ali in the Age and now we know exactly why these barbarians walked into a Jewish religious facility and murdered the rabbi's wife in front of her poor husband and then finished the young rabbi off along with others including, of all people, an anti-Zionist rabbi. Thanks Walid. You're an absolute genius!

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George M Baker said...

Squalid Ali, what a ratbag and a disgrace.

Michael Danby MP has this to say about the Islamists who murder in cold blood, pretend to be victims and lie to the world about it -