Saturday, December 27, 2008


Palestinian terrorists in Gaza prepare to fire at Israeli civilian tragets. Now, they're giving new meaning to the term "suicide bombers" - NY Times photo.

The world should know that Palestinian terrorists have killed two more Palestinian children as a result of a rocket aimed at Israeli civilians on the other side of its border with Gaza - Palestinian rocket accidentally kills 2 young Gaza girls.

"A projectile fired by Palestinians fell short of its target in Israel on Friday, striking a house in northern Gaza and killing two schoolgirls.

"The attack came as Israel sent mixed signals regarding its plans for Gaza.

"A rocket apparently fired by Palestinians on Friday killed the two Palestinians aged five and 13, Palestinian medics said.

"None of Gaza's militant factions claimed responsibility for the deadly attack on the house in Beit Lahiya. Gaza Health Ministry official Dr. Moiaya Hassanain identified the two victims as 5-year-old Hanin Abu Khoussa and her 12-year-old cousin, Sabah Abu Khoussa. Three other young people were wounded, Hassanain said.

"Hamas police said they were investigating the cause of the blast in Beit Lahiya village in northern Gaza, which medics said seemed to be due to a rocket aimed at Israel that had misfired.

"Gaza militants frequently fire rockets at Israel from the same area."


Anonymous said...

Holy Shit - the Age internet edition actually reported this story -

Surely, it won't hit the print edition?

Anonymous said...

Those Poor poor Palestinians all they have done is allow Hamas islamists to use their towns and villages as their bases for firing rockets at Jews across the border instead of appreciation from the Jews they get bombs...