Friday, December 12, 2008


This letter in today's Australian just about sums it all up. Very concise and an excellent response to a serial obfuscator:

DORA McPhee (Letters, 11/12) defends Palestinian terrorism as the “right to resist occupation”. In fact, Palestinian terrorism not only predates the occupation, it predates the re-establishment of Israel. Arab terrorism has been waged against Jews in the area continuously since the 1920s. Terrorism is not caused by the occupation; it is a deliberate strategy of sections of the Palestinian leadership, chosen in preference to negotiation.

Israel is committed to a two-state solution living in peace alongside a state of Palestine. It has been since day one of its existence.

The impediment to achieving that goal is the refusal of sections of the Palestinian leadership to recognise Israel’s right to exist.

Vic Alhadeff

CEO, NSW Jewish Board of Deputies

The thing that is truly laughable about Ms. McPhee is that she is involved with Palestine Lobby groups such as as Australians for Palestine and Women for Palestine which purport to favour peace but constantly seek to excuse the behaviour of terrorists who are committed to maintaining the violence, destroying Israel and killing Jews.

In any logical view, they are really the enemies of peace and of co-existence between Arabs and Jews in the region.

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Anonymous said...

Dora McPhee , Sonia Karkar, Michael Shaik & Moamar Mashni with Lobby Groups Australians for Palestine/Woman for Palestine .

Once again it is the Palestinian/Arab/Muslim Lobby trying to influence Australians.