Friday, July 18, 2008



Today's Australian nails it on the matter of "those people who are preoccupied with false arguments about moral equivalence in the long-running Middle East conflict." As much as some folks might claim otherwise, there is no moral equivalence between the barbarism of Hizbullah, Hamas and their Syrian and Iranian benefectors.

The declaration of a public holiday to honour the return of Samir Kuntar who murdered an Israeli man in front of his four-year-old daughter, then killed the little girl by smashing her skull with his rifle butt, is a blight on all of humanity.

But there are many bargains made in this part of the Middle East and those bargains made in the past by those in the public arena that gave succor to the thugs will come back to haunt many of the players in this conflict.

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Anonymous said...

So called moderate Muslim leader of Lebanon salutes the Child killer terrorist, no wonder the world is in such a mess .

It's about time the Muslims tried to win the hearts and minds of the West.

The Arabs control the 'oil', the 'Media' . largest share holder 'in CNN are the Saudi's the 'Banks largest share holder in the worlds biggest bank Citibank are the Saudi's, the 'Universities' ,largest contributors to Universities are he Arab Oil states , nearly all the ongoing conflicts are around the globe involve Muslims ,it is only Muslims [ not Jews,Hindus, Buddhists or any other minorities ] in the West that want their new hosts to change their ways and customs to fit in with Islam.
Something will have to give sooner or later, or we are doomed!