Monday, July 28, 2008


I can't believe that the Age has published this - Hamas arrests rivals after deadly bomb attacks.

"THE Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas is moving to suppress an outbreak of violence in the Gaza Strip that began at the start of the weekend and left seven people dead.

"Explosions, believed to be the work of the rival Fatah group, on Friday evening near Gaza beach killed five senior Hamas members and a child."

There has been no "outbreak" of violence in Gaza that started on the weekend. It's been an ongoing thing which has been happening for several years. Last year, more than 600 Palestinians, a majority in Hamas controlled Gaza, met violent deaths at the hands of other Palestinians, mostly as a result of what people would normally term as "terrorist actions". It's only the news about them that has been suppressed whereas the deaths of Palestinians involved in violent actions against Israeli civilians (which numbered far less than the 600 Palestinians murdered by other Palestinians) were highlighted and often wrongly blamed on Israel.

Today's "news" is only "news" because, for once, it's rated a mention and wasn't kept on the blank pages.

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Anonymous said...

The only possible explanation that Al' age has reported ongoing Palestinian against palestinian violence and barbarism ,is al'age staff writer Waleed Aly {former propaganda minister for Islamic Council of Victoria, now Monash University expert on terrorism] and al 'age staff writer ,Maher Muhgrabi Advocate/activist /propagandist for the Palestinians and new best buddy of Monash Lefty academic prof Mark Baker must have been away from their desks and unable to have the story disapear..