Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Former Age Jerusalem Bureau chief Ed O'Loughlin would be turning in his grave if he could read this report from his successor Jason Koutsoukis - Hamas, Fatah accused of methodic torture

Koutsoukis tells us that both the ruling parties of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip stand accused of "serious human rights abuses including torture."

During O'Loughlin's watch at the newspaper, these human rights abuses, which are Palestinian on Palestinian abuses, went on but for some strange reason were rarely covered. This, despite the fact that during 2007 and into 2008, more Palestinians have lost their lives at the hands of their brothers and sisters than at the hands of the IDF.

The media remains shy about the horrific human rights abuses of the Palestinian terrorist groups, backed by their governing bodies, and deliberatley aimed at Jews. These abuses have taken place for decades, yet neither the physical violence or the threats and intimidation and even teaching hatred of Jews were subjects considered suitable of their proper coverage.

Perhaps the times really are changing.


Portofino said...

I believe that Ed might still be alive Wilbur.

Anonymous said...

No shit!!!

Anonymous said...

The culture of anti Zionism and Arabist's is too far entrenched into Fairfax culture starting with al' Jaspan at the top down to leunig and all the Arab/Muslim propagandist journalists that work for Fairfax..

The smell of O'loughlin will last a long time