Thursday, June 05, 2008


"A flotilla of US navy ships off the coast of Burma are leaving after failing to get the junta's permission to unload aid supplies to "ease the suffering of hundreds of thousands" of cyclone survivors." - US ships sail away as Burma snubs cyclone aid.

In another part of the world, trucks carrying supplies of humanitarian aid for the people of Gaza and oil terminals from which much needed fuel is delivered to them, are under constant attack from Palestinian terrorist groups acting with the blessing of the Hamas junta.

The Burmese junta and the Hamas junta are reprehensible and are exercising collective punishment on the their own people and yet, throughout the world, there is a body of people who either cheer Hamas on and blame Israel for the crisis or refuse to even talk about it.

Clearly, those in power in Burma are disgusting and need to be overthrown for the sake of the Burmese people, but the stench of hypocrisy applies to those who turn their heads away and ignore the obsene behaviour of the Palestinian leadership in Gaza and in many instances, in the West Bank as well.

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