Thursday, June 26, 2008


Today's Melbourne Age carries a story from its new Jerusalem Bureau Chief Jason Koutsoukis about a deal between Israeli PM Ehud Olmert and Labour Party leader Ehud Barak that has effectively saved Olmert's political skin for the time being - Leadership deal saves Israeli PM.

Buried away at the very end of the article are these paragraphs:-

"Meanwhile, the fragile truce between Israel and Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip appeared to be in danger of collapsing after rockets were fired yesterday from Gaza into the Israeli township of Sderot, injuring two people.

Just days after the truce was agreed to, the rocket attacks were launched after Israeli soldiers killed two Islamic Jihad members in the West Bank. Islamic Jihad had previously said before signing the truce that it would respond to assassinations carried out by Israel in the West Bank.

Following the rocket attacks, Mr Barak, who is Defence Minister, ordered all crossings to the Gaza Strip closed, with only humanitarian supplies allowed through the Erez crossing in Gaza's north-east.

Hamas, the radical Islamic movement that controls Gaza, said it was doing everything possible to preserve the truce."

Strange that such news finds itself situated at the very end of the article. No mention of what the Islamic Jihad people were doing when when killed by the IDF or the fact that Islamic Jihad often carries out operations in conjunction with Hamas and that it wouldn't dare do so without Hamas' consent. Still one wonders whether Koutsoukis' predecessor would have even deigned to mention the rocket attacks on Israeli civilian targets at all.

One also wonders about the photograph accompanying this article about the Israeli political crisis. The picture is of a restaurant 'Buns and Guns', located in the security zone of Beirut. Lebanon isn't even mentioned or relevant to the article but someone at Fairfax doesn't mind associating Israeli leaders with this gruesome gun theme.

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