Monday, June 30, 2008


Jewish Jew basher Antony Loewenstein has been put in his place on his own blog by a correspondent Sol Salbe over his parroting of a report from the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information which recently condemned "the detention of Palestinian Journalist Mohammad Omer Mughir by Israeli Occupation Forces. Muhammad was detained, assaulted and interrogated on June 27th upon his return to Gaza after receiving the 2008 Martha Gellhorn Prize for Journalism." - Reporting is a crime

Salbe points out that:

Does not it stuck you odd that Omer would have been attacked by the Israeli security forces upon his return to Gaza? There are no Israeli forces in Gaza and any incursion would have been such a mnajor violation of the ceasefire that even the Australian media would have reported it.

Omer was set upon at the Aleenby Bridge while crossing the Allenby Bridge into the West Bank from Jordan. With the Rafah crossing closed someone with a permit need to travel via the West Bank into Israel and from there in to Gaza. If bloggers would like to be treated as journalists then fact-checking of obviously impossible assertions is not an option but a necessity.

Like the history of the Israel/Palestine conflict, the area's geography is not Loewenstein's strong point. In the first edition of his book, My Israel Question, he placed Israel's Gallilee region in Lebanon. This would have surely been a highpoint in his career as an author as it was for Louise Adler (also apparently Jewish) as a book publisher.


Anonymous said...

It's really pathetic all these Jewish dissidents [as the press call them ] Loewenstein his mom n Dad his publisher Adler { who wants to publish Australia' most famous anti Semite's book Mahammad al 'Hicks] Richter ,all the Academics obsessed with hatred for Israel, Salbe and his lefty mates from AJDS all think they would be spared from the fanatics they support.
I'll give them all the big tip the Islamists they support wouldn't call for the lefty Jews to leave the room before blowing themselves and these naive Jews up along with the others...

Ron said...

You can't blame Loewenstein for not checking facts, since he doesn't know fact from fiction. As far as he is concerned, any information from anywhere is fact, as long as it is anti-Israel.

Give the poor bloke a break. It's not his fault.