Friday, May 02, 2008


The Australian Newspaper's Middle East correspondent Martin Chulov fills in the balnk pages today with this article on Israeli leaders marking Holocaust Remembrance day by linking the horrors of Nazi Germany to the Iranian nuclear threat against the country. Chulov's article also covers the way in which Hamas observed the rememberance of the Holocaust by suggesting it was orchestrated by Jews to wipe out the disabled among them in preparation for the creation of the state of Israel:

"According to the Jerusalem-based Palestinian Media Watch, the head of the Palestinian Centre for Strategic Research, Amin Dabur, said: 'The Israeli Holocaust - the whole thing was a joke, and part of the perfect show that (Zionist leader and future Israeli prime minister) Ben Gurion put on'".

"The 'young energetic and able' were sent to Israel, while the handicapped were sent 'so there would be a Holocaust'".

Hamas gets away with this sort of calumny because there are too many newspaper editors and journalists who are silent when the racism of Hamas and other Palestinian terror organisations should be exposed. Naturally this disgrace is unlikely to see the light of day in our local broadsheet except in its blank pages.

FOOTNOTE: Another item you won't find in the Melbourne Age is this one about the Islamic Jihad terrorist chief who doubled up as a teacher in an UNWRA school - CNN. It comes as no surprise that the United Nations in Gaza has been infiltrated by operatives of terrorist organisations. The UN has for years been aware of the problem and despite them mouthing platitudes about politics and staff rules, the problem continues and is, in all likelihood, beyond its control. That's why I don't believe what comes out of the mouths of UN officials in Gaza and why I'm so cynical about reports from journalists who cite them when they make claims supporting the thugs who rule in Gaza today.

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O'Loughlin's silence about the matters discussed in this article is deafening. His silence is shame.